Music Junkies with Jay M Grew up with Nickelback but didn’t make the band

Jay M – NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME and music is a big part of Jay’s life.  Growing up in a small town of 3000 people does not give a person a lot of selection to lay someone down in a hay bail.
Jay didn’t have a LITTLE RED CORVETTE  but he did grow up with Nickelback.   HOW YOU REMIND ME every day?  God, get over it.  Jay had many CRAZY CRAZY NIGHTS  in Hanna, running and hiding from the cops.  And still to this day he has never been caught.  Jay is more of a giver than a receiver and the girls say he SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG.  I believe it!  Have you seen this 6-foot hunk of man?  I would want him to SUCK MY KISS.

Thanks, Jay, for not talking about Nickelback the whole time and being on the show.

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