Super Hot Jack Panic on the Music Junkies Podcast

WELCOME TO PARADISE girls!  You will want him to “KICKSTART MY HEART”.   Jack is very smart, well-spoken, and a Hot HELLRAISER.  No RED FLAG here!  Or is there? šŸ™‚

Jack started playing piano first, at about eight years old and he hated it.  His parents felt it was the best way for him to start.  He did pick up the acoustic guitar later and started teaching himself.   He started with Chuck Berry until he realized how tough it was!

Former bassist with the Sparrows, Jack said he had never met the band before.  New Damage Records signed them up and the first year he was with them he said he was a hired gun. He was officially recognized as a member when the new release came out. 

Find out about the groupies and the stalker Jack had, and the lesson learned from that.

Listen!  You must listen to this!  DO IT OR DIE! šŸ™‚

You can find out more about Jack by finding him on Instagram and Twitter @thejackpanic, on Facebook at

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