Annette Smith and Mike Montague Being Playful Humans on Music Junkies

WEIRD AL and BARENAKED LADIES put Mike into a good mood.  ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG?  If that’s the case how old will Mike live to, considering he didn’t hold back?   NO GRUNGE here.  ELTON JOHN, MICHAEL JACKSON, AND GEORGE MICHAELS impersonator?  Mike loves to dress up and appreciates any musician who is out there and having FUN. 

When everyone is hammered as a DJ it’s fun to play PRINCE’s PUSSY CONTROL.  Great song for the end of the night. 

Mike loves “almost’ stories.  He ALMOST successfully opened up for BILLY IDOL.

A fun and playful episode!  Keep CHASING THE SUNSHINE!  And play together!!

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More about Mike Montague:

Global Head of Content @SandlerTraining 🎙️Host of the How to Succeed & Playful Humans Podcasts🎙️ Co-Author of LinkedIn The Sandler Way – Mike is an award-winning speaker, entertaining over 2,000 audiences live and virtually. He has performed as an educator, keynote speaker, radio on-air personality, karaoke host, game show host, and DJ, where he opened for Billy Idol and Frankie Valli in Kansas City. He has been trusted to educate and entertain audiences at Google, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kansas City Chiefs, Qualcomm, Sprint, Eli Lilly, Harrah’s Casino, Isle of Capri Casino, Aya Healthcare, United Healthcare, Vistage, BNI, ATD, and many more.

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