Music Junkies with Leah = Lick able Exotic Alluring Heartbreaker

Wine tasting and Leah HOLD ON!

Leah was born and raised Albertan.  She is a “punk gal”.  You may have seen her driving around in her Volkswagen Beetle Bug with her alpine stereo cranking BLISTERS IN THE SUN or dancing the night away at the republic.   Either way, you wouldn’t have forgotten those sexy eyes and hot ass.

She lived out those GLORY DAYS before she settled down to teach her kids.  That’s right!  This hot teacher shares BIZZARE LOVE TRIANGLES and a secret cabin where she likes to take her victims. 

After another glass, we dive deep into where all the bodies are buried.  Leah never learned how to PLAY GUITAR but I heard she plays a mean skin flute ( Blaine told me that ).   JUST LIKE HEAVEN, this episode is full of great music and a ton of laughs.

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