Tim Steinruck The Mighty One on Music Junkies

Loved by Latins, Tim’s most loved thing about being a musician and what he likes most.  Tim says he loves being creative and music is the ultimate expression of his creativity.  What he doesn’t like about the industry?  Pivoting in this industry is the most important action you have to take, he says, like Mohamed Ali.  It’s not a straightforward and defined path.

Tim grew up in northern British Columbia where he did experience CHRISTMAS IN THE NORTH, and Church was where music was born.    He said he was in show business since he was a little kid being in church!  Although he did gravitate towards the big city after a trip to Vancouver.  GOD GAVE ROCK ‘N ROLL to him. 

He said he belongs now to the church of Rock ‘n Roll.

The first rock ‘n roll song he learned to sing was PRISM Take Me To The Captain in grade 8.

Paul Stanley called Tim up and asked to be their guest.  Met KISS and he didn’t feel at that time that he was in “MY GARDEN”.    For reasons, he describes in this episode.

COMING ON to diving deep into the darker stuff, Tim shares he split a seam in his crotch, and at a time you didn’t wear underwear!!

SO HIGH was not how he felt when he lost friends to the “excess” and Tim’s observing the fentanyl crisis.  So why do we need to get high?  He wants to bring awareness to the fact that using drugs recreationally may be your end.  More people died from fentanyl than COVID during the pandemic.  Accidental Overdose is REAL.

Time holds the TORCH OF ROCK ‘N ROLL!  Great time learning more about this incredible artist.

Tim is building The Mighty One Army and ends this show with this great song BURDEN, something many of us feel at the end of a marriage.

You can find Tim at Torchofrockandroll.com or @TheMightyOne on Instagram on Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram.

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