Tim Steinruck The Mighty One on Music Junkies

Loved by Latins, Tim’s most loved thing about being a musician and what he likes most.  Tim says he loves being creative and music is the ultimate expression of his creativity.  What he doesn’t like about the industry?  Pivoting in this industry is the most important action you have to take, he says, like Mohamed Ali.  It’s not a straightforward and defined path.

Tim grew up in northern British Columbia where he did experience CHRISTMAS IN THE NORTH, and Church was where music was born.    He said he was in show business since he was a little kid being in church!  Although he did gravitate towards the big city after a trip to Vancouver.  GOD GAVE ROCK ‘N ROLL to him. 

He said he belongs now to the church of Rock ‘n Roll.

The first rock ‘n roll song he learned to sing was PRISM Take Me To The Captain in grade 8.

Paul Stanley called Tim up and asked to be their guest.  Met KISS and he didn’t feel at that time that he was in “MY GARDEN”.    For reasons, he describes in this episode.

COMING ON to diving deep into the darker stuff, Tim shares he split a seam in his crotch, and at a time you didn’t wear underwear!!

SO HIGH was not how he felt when he lost friends to the “excess” and Tim’s observing the fentanyl crisis.  So why do we need to get high?  He wants to bring awareness to the fact that using drugs recreationally may be your end.  More people died from fentanyl than COVID during the pandemic.  Accidental Overdose is REAL.

Time holds the TORCH OF ROCK ‘N ROLL!  Great time learning more about this incredible artist.

Tim is building The Mighty One Army and ends this show with this great song BURDEN, something many of us feel at the end of a marriage.

You can find Tim at Torchofrockandroll.com or @TheMightyOne on Instagram on Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram.

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Super Hot Jack Panic on the Music Junkies Podcast

WELCOME TO PARADISE girls!  You will want him to “KICKSTART MY HEART”.   Jack is very smart, well-spoken, and a Hot HELLRAISER.  No RED FLAG here!  Or is there? 🙂

Jack started playing piano first, at about eight years old and he hated it.  His parents felt it was the best way for him to start.  He did pick up the acoustic guitar later and started teaching himself.   He started with Chuck Berry until he realized how tough it was!

Former bassist with the Sparrows, Jack said he had never met the band before.  New Damage Records signed them up and the first year he was with them he said he was a hired gun. He was officially recognized as a member when the new release came out. 

Find out about the groupies and the stalker Jack had, and the lesson learned from that.

Listen!  You must listen to this!  DO IT OR DIE! 🙂

You can find out more about Jack by finding him on Instagram and Twitter @thejackpanic, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheRealJackPanic

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Escort Turned Sex Educator Sexed With Tim on The Music Junkies Podcast

Tim’s BREAKAWAY from being an escort to a sex educator seemed the right choice! When it comes to the experience, he EARNED IT! Earth Wind and Fire are not on his playlist, but he did help do their taxes! He didn’t have DREAMS of increasing his fees because he was an intern.

That was in Tim’s former days, before he became an escort, and before he became a sex educator… AIN’T NO REST FOR THE WICKED. Happily single, Tim does not want a MONSTER! When looking for someone, he doesn’t care about body size. He wants good conversation, nice teeth, and is able to maintain eye contact. No AMERICAN IDIOT!

Does he like to put his FREAKUM DRESS on? Listen to find out.

Listen to the full episode here https://www.buzzsprout.com/1802116/10138013

Watch the full episode at https://youtu.be/3qOKeLkO_wk

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Music Junkies Is Who We Are and Katische Shares How Our Music Can Help You Mentally Recover With It

Katische is from Brisbane, Australia where the NOVEMBER RAIN is very different from the one in Canada.  She is an intuitive sound healer and reincarnation coach.  When it comes to TIME TO SAY GOODBYE, Katische believes that music can help you get through that.

Katische said putting her playlist together would make her children laugh.  Why THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA or BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY, Mom?  It’s a THRILLER to find the music you love.  And to listen to INCANTATIONs when you need to mediate over crazy things to help you from ROLLING IN THE DEEP depth of struggles.

She is in the HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN, waking up at 4:30 a.m. for sure!  She says loves songs are great after a break up and you think in a moment “NEED YOU TONIGHT”.  Katische, in choosing the beat, or the song, who was she thinking of when I’M KISSING YOU came on? 🙂

Using songs to help people go back into past memories is one of Katische’s methods in her coaching.  You can find out more about her business at www.katische.com or The Infinite Life Podcast.

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Annette Smith and Mike Montague Being Playful Humans on Music Junkies

WEIRD AL and BARENAKED LADIES put Mike into a good mood.  ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG?  If that’s the case how old will Mike live to, considering he didn’t hold back?   NO GRUNGE here.  ELTON JOHN, MICHAEL JACKSON, AND GEORGE MICHAELS impersonator?  Mike loves to dress up and appreciates any musician who is out there and having FUN. 

When everyone is hammered as a DJ it’s fun to play PRINCE’s PUSSY CONTROL.  Great song for the end of the night. 

Mike loves “almost’ stories.  He ALMOST successfully opened up for BILLY IDOL.

A fun and playful episode!  Keep CHASING THE SUNSHINE!  And play together!!

Watch the full episode on YouTube

You can reach Mike at www.playfulhumans.com and at www.mikemontague.com

More about Mike Montague:

Global Head of Content @SandlerTraining 🎙️Host of the How to Succeed & Playful Humans Podcasts🎙️ Co-Author of LinkedIn The Sandler Way – Mike is an award-winning speaker, entertaining over 2,000 audiences live and virtually. He has performed as an educator, keynote speaker, radio on-air personality, karaoke host, game show host, and DJ, where he opened for Billy Idol and Frankie Valli in Kansas City. He has been trusted to educate and entertain audiences at Google, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kansas City Chiefs, Qualcomm, Sprint, Eli Lilly, Harrah’s Casino, Isle of Capri Casino, Aya Healthcare, United Healthcare, Vistage, BNI, ATD, and many more.

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Demitri Did You Ever Actually Ever Grow Up? We had fun on the Music Junkies Podcast. Ah? Did We, Demitri? :)

Demitri changed his Podcast and decided it would be more of a SIMPLE KIND OF LIFE when he got ahold of his friend and it went from FILTHY/GORGEOUS.  CALIFORNICATION’s Purple Stain has a very interesting meaning.  You have to listen to the episode to learn what that is all about.  Born and raised in California, he did live in Seattle for six years.  You need to listen to LULLABY’s to try to forget about the rain. 

Demitri started off saying he doesn’t remember any favourite concerts.  Then,  “I STILL REMEMBER one concert”, he says – Florence And The Machine, which is not on his playlist.  He travelled to see her live three times.  SOME THINGS he would like to do is?  Find out how he feels about Miguel!!  ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY is what Demitri wants.  He doesn’t want to be ordinary.  He wants to be studied.   

We had so much fun!

Look up Demitri’s Podcast at A Cosmic Journey with Demi and Jay and you can get his books by going to his website at www.demitriwylde.wixsite/website or on Amazon!

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The Talented Jennifer Jerald on Music Junkies

AMAZED doing her playlist, Jennifer learned more about WHY music means so much to her.   SITTING ON THE SIDELINES was not something she was going to do when it came to writing a song.   Her life has brought her INTO THE UNKNOWN, however, she did not want to be A WOUNDED SOLDIER!  

To BELIEVE is so important when you aren’t quite sure.  It’s a BREATH OF HEAVEN when you RISE from ashes to amazing.  COVER OF THE ROLLING STONES was the perfect song at a karaoke celebrating a divorce and the birth of a new relationship.  Now her husband, he is what she was looking for ALL ALONG.

Jennifer is a  singer-songwriter and author, with great stories, positivity and enthusiasm.

Watch it on Youtube at https://youtu.be/3yN5d6t0eMM

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Music Junkies with Leah = Lick able Exotic Alluring Heartbreaker

Wine tasting and Leah HOLD ON!

Leah was born and raised Albertan.  She is a “punk gal”.  You may have seen her driving around in her Volkswagen Beetle Bug with her alpine stereo cranking BLISTERS IN THE SUN or dancing the night away at the republic.   Either way, you wouldn’t have forgotten those sexy eyes and hot ass.

She lived out those GLORY DAYS before she settled down to teach her kids.  That’s right!  This hot teacher shares BIZZARE LOVE TRIANGLES and a secret cabin where she likes to take her victims. 

After another glass, we dive deep into where all the bodies are buried.  Leah never learned how to PLAY GUITAR but I heard she plays a mean skin flute ( Blaine told me that ).   JUST LIKE HEAVEN, this episode is full of great music and a ton of laughs.

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Music Junkies with Jay M Grew up with Nickelback but didn’t make the band

Jay M – NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME and music is a big part of Jay’s life.  Growing up in a small town of 3000 people does not give a person a lot of selection to lay someone down in a hay bail.
Jay didn’t have a LITTLE RED CORVETTE  but he did grow up with Nickelback.   HOW YOU REMIND ME every day?  God, get over it.  Jay had many CRAZY CRAZY NIGHTS  in Hanna, running and hiding from the cops.  And still to this day he has never been caught.  Jay is more of a giver than a receiver and the girls say he SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG.  I believe it!  Have you seen this 6-foot hunk of man?  I would want him to SUCK MY KISS.

Thanks, Jay, for not talking about Nickelback the whole time and being on the show.

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Music Junkies with Freeman, Biggest Iron Maiden fan and Holds his Dick with two hands

This EPIC interview with Freeman features the biggest Iron Maiden fan on the planet.  If you don’t believe me,  check out the Video!   Nothing but Iron Maiden posted and memorabilia all over the place.  I actually don’t think I have seen Freeman in anything but Iron maiden.  6’3″,  lanky crazy blonde hair, you know ladies he is packing the good stuff.
All the SIGNs say he is straight but we tested his will and you will have to find out if he is a MASTER OF PUPPETS or not.   Even how nervous Freeman was, there was NO SOUND OF SILENCE  at all.   Just lots of laughs with his 2 headed monster that he has to hold with two hands.  I think he calls it KAI TANGATA.  YOU’LL BE FINE, he says to Chris every night.
One of my favorite interviews so far!!   We laughed so much!

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