Demitri Did You Ever Actually Ever Grow Up? We had fun on the Music Junkies Podcast. Ah? Did We, Demitri? :)

Demitri changed his Podcast and decided it would be more of a SIMPLE KIND OF LIFE when he got ahold of his friend and it went from FILTHY/GORGEOUS.  CALIFORNICATION’s Purple Stain has a very interesting meaning.  You have to listen to the episode to learn what that is all about.  Born and raised in California, he did live in Seattle for six years.  You need to listen to LULLABY’s to try to forget about the rain. 

Demitri started off saying he doesn’t remember any favourite concerts.  Then,  “I STILL REMEMBER one concert”, he says – Florence And The Machine, which is not on his playlist.  He travelled to see her live three times.  SOME THINGS he would like to do is?  Find out how he feels about Miguel!!  ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY is what Demitri wants.  He doesn’t want to be ordinary.  He wants to be studied.   

We had so much fun!

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