Music Junkies Is Who We Are and Katische Shares How Our Music Can Help You Mentally Recover With It

Katische is from Brisbane, Australia where the NOVEMBER RAIN is very different from the one in Canada.  She is an intuitive sound healer and reincarnation coach.  When it comes to TIME TO SAY GOODBYE, Katische believes that music can help you get through that.

Katische said putting her playlist together would make her children laugh.  Why THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA or BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY, Mom?  It’s a THRILLER to find the music you love.  And to listen to INCANTATIONs when you need to mediate over crazy things to help you from ROLLING IN THE DEEP depth of struggles.

She is in the HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN, waking up at 4:30 a.m. for sure!  She says loves songs are great after a break up and you think in a moment “NEED YOU TONIGHT”.  Katische, in choosing the beat, or the song, who was she thinking of when I’M KISSING YOU came on? 🙂

Using songs to help people go back into past memories is one of Katische’s methods in her coaching.  You can find out more about her business at or The Infinite Life Podcast.

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