Music Junkies with “I Am That Gal” Podcast Co-Host of LIFT Your Story and Podcast Host of Bleep Bulimia

Our guest today is the famous podcast co-host of LIFT Your Story LaurieAnn (her co-host is Roy Miller, a must mention as well).  She is also the host of Bleep Bulimia helping women over 40 acquire help in different ways in their journey to recovery.

LaurieAnn has been a huge help in this new world I am exploring.   She has given me tons of guidance, support, and encouragement.  I am forever grateful to have this lady in my life.

She is also one of my biggest fans.  I am sharing this because she actually reveals this in this episode!! 🙂

She picked a million songs, but we can only go through 10 songs.
She has moved 26 times.   What’s up with that?   Was she trying to escape the neighbors? 🙂 or her family?  Or both?

Her playlist is a collection of stories that will break your heart and make you want to hug her.

MICHELLE Ma Belle is 6 years old living in Montreal with two older sisters who loved the Beatles and always sang the song. 

Not wanting another sibling, she remembers telling her mom how fat she was while pregnant, knowing what was happening.  She was going to be replaced and she was afraid, which came out as anger.

LaurieAnn dives deep into the heartbreaking story about her sister who had an affair with her husband.   She tried the “bring back the ‘B’ in her life” however it wasn’t right.  Easier is to forgive and yet not “invite that person to the kitchen table”.  LaurieAnn chose to not relate in person anymore to keep her own world peaceful and safe.

MM Weird witch busted the family up (you think)?   This story is surreal.  Yet it happens.

 Betrayal is such a hard thing to get over with all the self-doubt and “what did I do wrong?”
AMERICAN WOMEN reminds her of living in Turkey during the periods of Marshall Law and I feel like that’s what’s happening now with Covid.
COMFORTABLY NUMB,  14 years single, we need to get her a man!  Friends with benefits are okay, but it would be better with a duplex and she on one side and her lover on the other.  She needs space.  LOL

With RING MY BELL, fake ID’S  and hitting the clubs at 16, she paid for her own drinks with her job at MacDonald’s so she could DANCE all night at the disco.

She WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, David Cassidy.  Who remembers that hottie?  Anybody that can sprawl out on their own cover has to be confident enough to sing.  Where is that guy now anyway?

After you listen to this podcast you will agree LaurieAnn needs a good guy and she is AS GOOD AS I ONCE WAS.

Check her out at I Am That Gal,  LIFT Your Story, and at Bleep Bulimia and LaurieAnn has authored three books that you can find on Amazon.

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