Music Junkies’ Guest Cristian Hauser knows that every girl crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man

Cristian is a fan of Music Junkies.  He’s THE MAN.  Sexy accent and is a SHARP DRESSED MAN originally from Peru.   Cristian lives in Miami.  He asks, what is HOTEL CALIFORNIA about? 

Single, and not CRYING about that particularly after the experience of the BEAST who was stalking him.  Even with that, Cristian is a LET IT BE kind of guy.

Cristian says the best beach in Miami is a nude beach.  In the DAYLIGHT there may not be some not-so-nice things to see there.     

From becoming a Millionaire at a very young age, to finding that there AIN’T NO SUNSHINE when the money is gone, he is proud to say “I’M STILL STANDING” and even more so:  REMEMBER THE NAME because he has goals and is going to RUN THIS TOWN! 

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