Music Junkies with Freeman, Biggest Iron Maiden fan and Holds his Dick with two hands

This EPIC interview with Freeman features the biggest Iron Maiden fan on the planet.  If you don’t believe me,  check out the Video!   Nothing but Iron Maiden posted and memorabilia all over the place.  I actually don’t think I have seen Freeman in anything but Iron maiden.  6’3″,  lanky crazy blonde hair, you know ladies he is packing the good stuff.
All the SIGNs say he is straight but we tested his will and you will have to find out if he is a MASTER OF PUPPETS or not.   Even how nervous Freeman was, there was NO SOUND OF SILENCE  at all.   Just lots of laughs with his 2 headed monster that he has to hold with two hands.  I think he calls it KAI TANGATA.  YOU’LL BE FINE, he says to Chris every night.
One of my favorite interviews so far!!   We laughed so much!

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