Music Junkies with Lynn and Larry, Guess what happens when two Music Teachers fall in love?

Lynn and Larry join us today on Music Junkies.   Both are former Music teachers.   This was so much fun because of their passion for music.   And their fun facts about each other.  They took some passes on some of the questions I asked.  Find out which ones! 🙂

Did you know that Lynn and Larry met at a U of C “conducting” course?   And one thing led to another.   Three weeks later they were living together.  For Larry it was three times is a charm.  To show you how much love Larry has for Lynn,  he would call Calgary in the morning from Edmonton (cause Lynn always had a hard time waking up) and he would sing  I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU.  I would ALWAYS LOVE YOU, Larry, if you did that for me!

Their playlist is about the love they share together and  AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH to have three kids in your 40’s and twins to top it off!   WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD and the kids are truly their world.

Larry said that one of his ex-wives kept trying to change him.  It took meeting Lynn to learn who he truly was.   Lynn first got married because she didn’t want to not be married at 30 years old.  It didn’t last long.  And then she met Larry.
So many times you can be in a fog, and Lynn says this song is when you come out of it.  Larry shares it’s about hope and courage… their final song.  And obviously what they found in each other.   I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW.

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