Music Junkies with Tyler Foley encourages others to speak naked

Get Ready for one Incredible show!  Tyler will connect with your audience and make them laugh, make them smile and maybe even make them cry.   He may even dispel the misguided myth that visualizing an audience naked is the best thing a speaker can do to calm their nerves.

Actor and performer for 35 years, Tyler’s selected credits from IMDB include:
Sex, Lies & Murder (TV Series), Tru Calling (TV Series), Valentine, Freddy vs. Jason, Carrie (TV Movie), Just Deal (TV Series), Door to Door (TV Movie), See Jane Run, Jeremiah (TV Series), The Sausage Factory (TV Series), You, Me and the Kids (TV Series), and Cold Squad (TV Series)

Tyler is also a Safety consultant, instructor, and Keynote Presenter for 10 years.

Author of the #1 bestselling book: The Power To Speak Naked.

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